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Mission Statement

South Wake Sports Inc. is a non-profit organization established in August, 2013 dedicated to providing athletic opportunities in a variety of sports to families in South Wake County, North Carolina. Participation in organized sports can have both social and physical benefits for children. The goal of South Wake Sports is to use athletics as a means to teach leadership, sportsmanship, teamwork and fair play to children and young adults. South Wake Sports Inc. will also aim to fill the need for athletic opportunities for sports not offered by local schools or Park and Recreation department. Activities for boys and girls such as lacrosse, ultimate Frisbee, and flag football are growing in popularity but are often not part of the athletic programs offered by schools and Parks departments. By making these activities available to boys and girls in kindergarten through high school more children will have additional athletic opportunities and gain exposure to new sports and the life lessons that accompany involvement with team sports.

South Wake Sports Inc. will aim to fill a growing community need for additional athletic opportunities for area children. School and Parks departments have limited resources and budgets which don’t always allow for all sports to be offered, or allow opportunities for every interested child. The goal of South Wake Sports will be to help meet the demand that exists for organized athletics within the local community and make sure that children interested in being a part of team sports will have that opportunity. Athletic opportunities will be made available to boys and girls of all socio-economic backgrounds and there will be an effort to make sure all interested children have an opportunity to participate regardless of any social, physical, or economic hardship. All children should have the opportunity to be a part of team sports and organized athletics and South Wake Sports Inc. will aim to make sure that any interested participants will have that opportunity by receiving equipment and financial donations which will go toward athletes on a need basis.

South Wake Sports Inc. will also work to create and maintain an outdoor athletic facility which can be used by the local community for the programs provided by South Wake Sports Inc., and made available to other organizations in need of athletic field space. This facility will aim to provide additional athletic field space for the South Wake community which is an additional need in the community. By maintaining an athletic facility South Wake Sports Inc. will be able to provide programs to the community and help alleviate some of the town and school athletic field constraints. These constraints exist due to an inadequate supply of athletic fields compared to the number of young adults interested in organized sports in an area with a quickly growing population.

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